Closing the Greek chapter of the trip - about to open a brand new one!

Figuring out where to start this post is really tough.  These past 2 weeks in Greece have been absolutely amazing.  Its hard to put into words all of the stories from the amazing places I've seen and the absolutely wonderful people that I have met along the way.  I have to say some things about Santorini...obviously one of the places I was most looking forward to seeing on this entire trip.  Arriving there in the ferry was definitely a unique experience, seeing the towns built high into the cliffs overlooking the sea was incredible.  However, I think my expectations were so high that initially I was almost underwhelmed walking around the main town of Fira.  After a good night of sleep, and renting an ATV the next day that quickly changed.  Over the nearly 4 days we were there we saw nearly the entire island and at least passed through almost every city and village. We hopped from beach to beach, some were black sand, others red and all incredible sights to see.  Saw some prehistoric towns that were buried by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago and only recently have been unearthed.  But the beauty of the island just grew and grew on me, everywhere you turn was a postcard worthy photo waiting to happen.  Oh and the Santorini sunsets which are known to be the best in the world did not disappoint either!  (Photos will be coming, you've got my word!)  We did a 4 or 5 mile long hike along the caldera hundreds of feet over the sea and made it to the last village just as the sun was going down - definitely an amazing moment and the entire hike was full of almost magical views.  We found an amazing Greek pizzeria called Tobascos pretty close to our hotel and went there a few times to try out some special pizzas (seafood pizza with squid, scallops, shrimp etc was great!).  Also met an awesome couple during our last meal there who invited us to stay with them in Israel if we ever make it over there!  
After conquering the island, and doing nearly everything I set out to do there, we had to set sail for Crete early this morning.  The ferry was due to leave at 330ish but didnt show up until closer to 5AM!  It was a long night, but ended up being ok because I found a relatively quiet corner on the ship and made a little cave for myself to sleep in.  We've spent the day in Heraklio with another new friend from Canada, exploring the city and visiting the awesome Temple of Knossos!  Finished the night in the Lions Square eating some Greek sweets that I've never tried before and watching the world go by.  These are good times :)  Tomorrow, we're off to another city, which will be our last stop in this awesome Greek adventure.  By Monday, we will have reached the halfway point of the trip, and have only seen 2 countries so far.  Which means that we have 8 more to go in the next 3ish weeks so the pace will indeed be picking up (if that's even possible)!  So excited to see what happens next!  Peace :)

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