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I started traveling in 2010 when I studied in Spain. It was the first time I ever left the country (I'm not counting Canada) and as I would quickly find out, wouldn't be the last time either. During that trip, I was able to visit a half dozen or so countries across Europe as my newest passion began to grow. Six months later, I was ready to come home and enjoy my own bed and the comforts of the USA once more.

I quickly realized that life just wasn't as exciting back home anymore. I wasn't depressed or sad by any means, but I had this new feeling that life just wasn't quite exciting enough. This is when I knew that I had to travel more. I began researching other trips and potential destinations and started traveling whenever and wherever I could.

Fast forward about five years, 27 countries and 4 continents later and you can see how quickly this addiction grew. I've seen and done some truly amazing things around the world and it's become a real source of personal pride.

One would think that my bucket list would be shrinking but the honest truth is that it's expanding much faster than I can cross things off. It seems everywhere I go that I discover two or three more places that I have to add to my list. I want to see all of them and I won't stop until I run out of places to go. Traveling has become a huge part of who I am as a person.

I started this blog because I love sharing my stories and helping/inspiring others to get out and see the planet. It also lets me think about traveling when I'm stuck in an office or suffering through some cabin fever - which creeps up on my way too easily!

Anyways, that's part of my story. What else should I let the internet world know about me?

I'm willing to try just about anything once.
I'm allergic to peanuts
I will beat you in Halo
Soccer > American football
I love foreign movies
I try to disc golf in every country I visit (this is a tough one)
and last but not least, I hate spiders with a passion

If you want to contact me, ask some questions, shares stories or just chat - you can find me on Google + from just about any page on my blog or leave a comment on any post. Thanks for stopping by :)


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