A Photographic Journey Through South Dakota

Thunderstorms in the distance helped paint this incredible sunset
from the Pinnacles overlook at the Badlands
The further west you head through the park, the better the views get.
This spot was just spectacular. It's almost impossible to get a bad photo here!

Got a shot of my wife while we were hiking through the unique terrain

The entrance to D-09 - a decommissioned missile silo not far from the entrance to the Badlands and part of a National Historic Site itself

Near The Notch trailhead

This ladder was one of the main reasons I wanted to hike The Notch, it isn't quite as steep as it looks
but was still a fun part of a great trail

One of the views from The Notch lookout

The colors at this view were just so vibrant.
Would have loved to be here a little later with some better light

Sunset + Thunderstorms + Badlands = a great way to end an incredible day
It's not a South Dakota roadtrip without spotting at least a few buffalo. Loved the look of this one with the setting sun glistening off of him.

With the sun rapidly fading, the colors changed equally as fast.

Custer State Park,on the trail towards Black Elk Peak
Note even to the top yet, but the views were already huge. All of the haze was from wildfires hundreds of miles away

Panoramic view from the summit. The highest Mountain east of the Rockies in the US.

On the Presidential Trail just below Mount Rushmore there is a large boulder that is almost like a cave with a hole in the top which perfectly frames Washington for an epic portrait. 
The lighting ceremony at Mount Rushmore was full of patriotic fanfare in a stunning location
at the foot of the epic landmark. 

Downtown Deadwood, one of the most historic western towns outside of Tombstone where some legends like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane once spent their time.

Quiet morning in Deadwood

There are a few waterfalls in Spearfish Canyon, this is Roughlock Falls and my favorite of the ones we had time to see. This place is nothing short of serene. 

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