Wisconsin Ice Caves Update

Inside a gorgeous ice cave. www.adamsmithphotographywi.com
Those of you holding your breath that the beautiful caves on the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore will open this winter will have to continue holding on for the foreseeable future. Warmer than normal temperatures and strong winds have combined to seriously limit the development of ice on Lake Superior - which means the ice caves are currently unreachable. There is still a chance that a lengthy cold stretch could help give us a brief window to access the caves, but the long term weather models coupled with the fact that the days are getting longer with more direct sunlight do not bode well for the chance of major ice development. The window hasn't closed, but it is getting increasingly smaller as the days go by. You can keep your eyes posted to the Apostle Islands Facebook page for frequent updates to the condition of the ice (or lack thereof) but be prepared to wait another year for a chance at visiting one of the Northwood's most unique and beautiful attractions. I will post a further update if the caves do indeed open this winter.

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