Who Wants to Get Paid to Travel All Summer?

Roadside stream and waterfall along the Ring Road
I don't usually blog about other people's content or business stuff like this, but this is an absolute dream contest I ran across from WOW Air. Basically, if you win you and a friend will get paid to move to Reykjavik on June 1st and then spend the summer traveling to whatever WOW Air destinations you choose and writing/vloging about them from your base camp back in Iceland. 

It sounds like an absolute dream of a summer, and to have a chance at landing this sweet gig all you need to do is upload a travel vlog about your hometown and then hope and pray. All the details can be found here.

Again, I'm not affiliated with WOW in any way, but just wanted to pass this awesome opportunity along. There's only a couple weeks to enter, so go get at it!

Basalt columns on the black sand beach

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